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New Patient Forms

In order to save time, we are pleased to provide our new patient registration forms online. Simply download the forms, print them off, complete them at your convenience, and bring them with you to your first appointment. The new patient registration forms must be completed prior to meeting with one of our doctors. Insurance is accepted and filed for you. Please have your insurance card(s) and a picture ID ready at check-in to ensure proper filing. A copy of our office's Notice of Privacy Practices is also available for your convenience.


What to Expect as a New Patient

On your first visit, Dr. Little or Dr. Emily will meet with you, review your paperwork and medical history, and ask you questions to get more specific details about the symptoms or other problems you are experiencing. Next, they will perform a thorough physical examination to evaluate the nature of your problem. This examination generally includes a series of basic orthopedic, neurological, and muscular tests, as well as specialized chiropractic evaluation of your posture and spinal movement. If necessary, x-rays or other diagnostic tests may be recommended to obtain further information about the mechanics of your spine and the details of your condition.


After completing the history and examination, a diagnosis and recommendation for an individualized treatment plan will be made. Some patients may feel improvement in a few visits, while other patients with more significant problems may require treatments more often, over a period of time. Every patient's condition is different and that's why a personalized treatment plan is important based on your specific needs. We take every step possible to educate our patients and thoroughly explain the chiropractic process.

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